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Free GPS Cyprus Maps - Map of Cyprus for Garmin - CyMps
New Maps
New Free Maps for Cyprus. You can add the new free gps map for Garmin to your Mapsource software.

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At Cymps.com you can download free maps of Cyprus for your Garmin GPS. Here you can find FREE maps of Cyprus for garmin units, and mobile phone devises.

The geographical data to build these maps of cyprus is gathered from http://www.Openstreetmap.com. OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. You can register (free) and map your own neighborhood!. This way data of Cyprus can be updated frequently. Many have contributed to map Cyprus but a lot of work still remains to be done. Please contribute to this excellent project and help FREE maps to be developed.I will gather data for Cyprus and compile maps for garmin as frequently as possible.

Thank You for supporting cymps.com website.


Ecoroute hd - Volvo s40 – nuvi 1310 - review

Ecoroute hd  - Volvo s40 – nuvi 1310 - review


What is "ecoroute hd"?

"ecoroute hd" transforms your compatible Garmin nüvi® into a real-time car diagnostic computer!
It connects your car to your nuvi.


What do you need?

1. compatible Garmin nüvi. (I have the nuvi 1310 and it is compatible)

2. A car with an OBD-II port (It works fine with my volvo S40 - 2007)

3. The "ecoroute hd" which is a hardware device (from Garmin) that connects wirelessly your car to your Garmin device.
It costs about 100 euros.


What you get

Once installed and paired with your  nuvi go to tools and  the ecoRoute icon has a small HD symbol.


before installation of the  ecoroute hd 



after installation of the  ecoroute hd

When you enter the menu you get 2 additional sub-menus 

1. Diagnostics

 2. Gauges 


The 2 additional sub-menus 


1. The Diagnostics page reports any error-codes from your car


Diagnostics page

2. At the "Gauges" page you get customizable gauges that monitor various things on your vehicle.
There is a very small (but acceptable- less than 1s) delay between the actual readings and the ones displayed on the nuvi.

You can select from a list (depending on the information you can retrieve from your car)





When driving instead of the usual screen:



You now Get gauges with car temperature, battery voltage and rpms:



When navigating the above screen changes to:



By connecting to your car's diagnostics port garmin ecoRoute  can accurately calculate the fuel consumption and the cost of each route you make:







This page will be updated soon!